Who can become a Member of the QP Association?

Only registered Qualified Persons in Europe can become regular members of the QP Association. Details about the registration of the QP will be required in the application form.

Those interested persons who want to become a Qualified Person can apply for an associate membership. Membership in the QP Association is free of charge. To read more about the detailed requirements for members, associate members and guests/observers, and to register please click here

Benefits of the membership

As member of the Qualified Person Association you

  • will receive a discount for any conference or course sponsored by the European QP Association. Please see the Current Events for the courses and conferences a rebate applies to.

  • can use the online discussion forum to exchange your experience with other colleagues across Europe and beyond

  • can take advantage of QPSHARE, the shared audits database. Please see the detailed information on the database.

  • can document and track your personal development - with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Documentation Template

  • can download exclusive information for QPs, e.g. Good Practice Guide, Member Surveys, reports from meetings with regulators etc.

In addition

  • the Association will represent your interests as an individual QP and is fully independent from commercial interests

  • you can be actively involved in QP related developments e.g. as a member of a subgroup such as the IMP Working Group or provide feedback to QP related regulatory draft guidelines

Members of the Qualified Person Association who attend the annual QP Forum receive the exclusive QP Association Card.

QP Association Card, front   QP Association Card, back

Further benefits will be offered to the members in the future.