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European QP Association issues new Code of Conduct for QPs      

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As you may be aware, the EU-Directive 2001/83/EC describes in Article 52, that member states shall ensure fulfilling the QP duties, either by administrative measures or by making QPs subject to a professional code of conduct.

As the EQPA is not aware of a Code of Conduct being published by any EU/EEA authorities, it was decided to develop such a code until an official version becomes available by the EU regulatory or National Competent Authorities (NCAs). This code was developed by the Board of the EQPA and is now part of the “EQPA Code of Practice for QPs – Duties and Responsibilities for Qualified Persons in the EU” as chapter 3 entitled “Ethics for the Qualified Person – A Professional Code of Conduct”.

The new code is specifically intended to define and ensure the ethical dimension for QPs. It might also be used in informing other groups (e.g. senior management) of the specific duties of the QPs. It is further intended to become a reference to QPs and NCAs.

The entire “EQPA Code of Practice for QPs” (version 10.0 as of March 2023) including the new chapter 3 “Ethics for the Qualified Person – A Professional Code of Conduct” as well as the Annex on National QP Implementation, version 1.0 is accessible exclusively for members of the European QP Association. If you are member please use the login at the top of this page to get to the Good Practice Guide. If you would like to apply for membership, please see the membershhip application forms.

To get an impression of the guide and specifically the new chapter 3 “Ethics for the Qualified Person – A Professional Code of Conduct”, take a look at the new video.
(please note: if you cannot see the video, please open the privacy settings and mark "Vimeo" in the Functional settings):

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