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4-6 June 2024
Munich, Germany

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IMP QP Working Group


Already at the first QP Forum 2006 in Prague Annemiek Stijnen and Martine Tratsaert proposed to establish a Working Group for Qualified Persons for Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) within the European QP Association. The EQPA generally supported this idea and therefore decided to provide a platform for Working Groups and Interest Groups inside the Association.

One year later, at the 2007 QP Forum in Berlin, the IMP Working Group offered a Pre-Conference Workshop on 'Import Requirements for IMPs' and 'Handling of Comparators in Clinical Trials'. This workshop was also the first official meeting of the group. The IMP Working Group also facilitated one of the parallel sessions during the Forum, discussing challenges of 'Being an IMP QP in a global environment’.

In addition, the IMP Working Group contributes to QP Education Courses, and since 2018 is running a full-day IMP QP pre-course session. Representing the IMP QP role to others is furthermore achieved in the US course “European GMPs and the Role of the Qualified Person”.

Over the past years, the following IMP QP Working Group Board members included
  • Justin Barry*
  • Philippe Van der Hofstadt
  • Brenda Van Assche
They significantly contributed to the successful development of the IMP QP Working Group.

As part of our mission, we formed task forces to address specific topics led by Sue Mann and by Andreas Schwinn. Their very valuable contribution is available in the IMP QP Working Group download area.

Today, the IMP Working Group is a well-established "sub-organisation" of more than 2000 Qualified Persons for IMPs and its Pre-Conference Workshop a well-known part of this annual QP Association event. The workshop is also facilitated as an annual meeting of the IMP Working Group and provides a very good opportunity for networking and cultivating personal contacts.
* RIP gone but never forgotten


  • Represent IMP QPs within the EQPA
  • Maintain and grow a strong IMP QP network
  • Share and enhance knowledge of IMP QP members by exchanging experiences, challenges, ideas and insights
  • Discuss and share interpretation of regulatory guidance
  • Identify and promote best practices by benchmarking across industry
  • Influence new legislation by providing expert review and feedback to Regulatory Authorities
  • Represent the IMP QP role to other stakeholders, e.g., industry colleagues and non-EU regulatory bodies
  • Be inclusive and represent a diverse community of IMP QPs, equally taking into consideration different opinions and perspectives

Management and Administration:

The IMP Working Group is led by:
Dr Susanne Ding, Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany
since 2012
Niina Taylor, Pfizer, UK and Ireland
since 2013
Patryk Jegorow, Takeda, Ireland
since 2019
Katrien Himpens, J&J Innovative Medicines, Belgium
since 2022
Administration work is provided by the EQPA Secretary. To become member of the IMP Working Group please contact us via eMail:

Please note that membership in this group will be granted to Members of the QP Association only.