Welcome to the European QP Association

Each holder of a manufacturing authorisation for medicinal products in Europe needs to name at least one Qualified Person (QP). The legal basis for the appointment of a QP is defined in the DIRECTIVE 2001/83/ relating to human medicinal products and in DIRECTIVE 2001/82/EC relating to veterinary medicinal products. These directives clearly determine the educational background and professional experience a professional requires to act as a QP as well as the duties and responsibilities associated with this function.

The European QP Association represents QPs in the European Union. We support QPs e.g.
  • by providing a platform for the exchange of experience,
  • by discussing the latest regulatory requirements,
  • by addressing difficulties and challenges and
  • by supporting a harmonised European approach.
Each Qualified Person can become member of the European QP Association at no costs. As an interest group of the ECA Foundation, the Association is supported by the Foundation in fulfilling their tasks. Please learn more about us here

European QP Association Forum 2017
Image taken at the QP Forum 2017 in Budapest, Hungary