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Qualified Person Education Course Module A – Understand the Implications of becoming a QP

19/20 October 2022
Vienna, Austria

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Document and track your personal development - with the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Documentation Template

To access the template for documenting and tracking your past and ongoing activities, please go here.

After filling out the form, you will be able to create and print out a PDF file.


Shared Audits Database:

One of the most important tools in supplier qualification is the on-site audit. Although the QP is not obliged to perform the audit him- or herself, the responsibility stays with the QP. A possibility in saving resources is sharing an audit.

For that reason the European QP Association initiated a database comprising shared audits information. To find out more about this exclusive initiative for QP Association members please see the Q&As on QPSHARE.

To get to the database please first access the members' area.

Electronic Tracking System of Continuous Professional Development (CPD):

Continuous professional development is one of the main tasks the European QP Association supports its members with. In the members' area of their website, the QP Association has now published a possible CPD Documentation, which members could use for documentation and tracking of their past and ongoing activities. After filling out the form you will be able to create and print out a PDF file.

How your data is protected: The CPD solution is represented by a CGI script running on a web server. Access will be provided with an individual user ID and password. If a user logs into the system, the login data is checked by this script. Login data is stored in a database, which only can be accessed by the script. After closing the browser, the session is closed without any additional action by the user. The PDF can be saved on the user's personal server.

To get to the CPD template please first access the members' area.