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28 April 2011

QP Association Develops a new Structure and Considers new Interest Group "QPPV"

Since the foundation of the European QP Association in 2006 the number of members increased considerably. Today our association counts more than 1.400 members and over 100 associate members. This is a great success! In addition, we are now firmly established in the European Pharmaceutical regulatory influential groups and are regularly invited to EMA’s meetings.

To cope with these new challenges, the QP Association decided to review its actual working plan and Board structure. This topic has already been addressed at the last Board Meeting following the successful 2010 QP Forum in London.

One major and vital point is to get more colleagues actively involved in our external activities. In a first step we therefore defined and already established an additional membership opportunity. Colleagues from authorities are now able to join the QP Association as Liaison Members. This step is considered to help us to further develop our relationship with authorities.

In a second step we now would like to form an Expert Panel. This Expert Panel will be involved in the work of the Advisory Board, e.g. in the preparation of comments to the EU Commission on new guidelines, participating in meetings with authorities, writing Good Practice Documents etc. As a consequence we are specifically interested in colleagues who already reached a certain level of seniority in responsible positions within a pharmaceutical company or in a comparable venture.

First activities in this regards have already been started.

If you are interested in joining the Expert Panel we would ask you

  • to submit a brief, but comprehensive CV and
  • to provide information about what kind of experience you can offer to the Board and
  • to provide information what topics you would like to cover.

Please keep in mind, though, that these activities will not run smoothly, but might be described as “recurrent impulsive”, driven by the spontaneous announcements and activities mainly of EMA’s GMP/GDP IWG work plan and thus may be time consuming. You should thus only apply if you are in a position where you can dedicate some time to Association activities and where this is accepted by your employer.

If you are interested in the opportunities mentioned above, please send your application/comment to

We are currently also in a process of evaluating if there is enough interest in a Working Group “Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV)”. Prior to investing any further energy into this project we need to know if there are enough members that could be appealed by such a new Interest Group. So if you are already involved in this activity we kindly ask you to send an eMail to the address provided above.

We are looking forward to getting your application or valuable feedback.

Best regards,
Dr Bernd Renger
Chairman, European QP Association

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