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10 February 2009

European Qualified Person Association (EQPA) determines 2009 Activities in Annual Advisory Board Meeting

In its annual meetings the EQPA Advisory Board discusses the organisation’s current status and possible future activities. This year’s meeting, which was held in Frankfurt on 22 February 2009, covered a whole range of topics:

1. Membership Structure
In the last year the European QP Association experienced an increasing awareness. Today, it already represents more than 1,100 QPs, and still receives a lot of new membership applications. One of the main contributors to the Association’s success factors is the fact, that it provides a strong common voice for the needs and concerns of QPs throughout Europe.

2. Review of 2008 QP Forum in Munich
The close to 250 delegates gave the past Forum very good grades (also see the detailed report “Delegates Give 3rd QP Forum Good Grades”). As a result of the feedback from the 2007 QP Forum in Berlin, last year’s Forum provided more room for interaction between the QPs. Four parallel sessions, longer breaks and a Q&A session were highly appreciated.

3. 2009 Forum
The planning of the 2009 Forum is already in progress. This year’s Forum will take place in Barcelona, Spain. Due to the very positive comments regarding interaction opportunities it is planned to add two more parallel sessions in 2009. Further information will follow.

4. New Membership Category
To develop a two way communication and facilitate co-operation opportunities between the QP Association and authorities, a new membership category will be established: a so called “liaison member” (one representative per authority) will enable the QP Association to further enhance exchange of information and improve co-operation between authorities and industry.

5. Co-operation with other Industry Organisation
The harmonisation of national requirements and the reduction of interpretation scope is one of the European QP Association’s primary goals. It was hence decided to strengthen the co-operation with other industry organisations to provide a broader basis and a harmonised approach for discussion with EMEA and other regulatory agencies new or revised regulations covering QP responsibilities. To accomplish this goal, surveys will be used for collecting experience and examples from QPs for inconsistencies in interpretation of GMP regulations by the various national inspectorates.

6. Good Practice Guide
The Association has developed a Good Practice Guide which aims at supporting QPs in interpreting legislation. The Guide also summarises the different legal situations in all member states. With regard to harmonising national requirements the association will involve members as well as contacts to national authorities for updating the guide.

“I’d like to thank the board members for their dedicated work. We covered a lot of issues to further advance the association” said Dr Bernd Renger, Chairman of the EQPA Advisory Board after the meeting. “Since we founded the European QP Association in 2006 we have been experiencing a lot of support from all board members. The tremendous success we had with this interest group is a good demonstration for our productive teamwork."

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