About the European QP Association

The Qualified Person's function and responsibility is unique.

The European approach requires the QP not only to be highly qualified but also to always have the latest information on current developments in the area of GMP and regulatory compliance.

For this reason the ECA Foundation Advisory Board Members decided at their annual meeting on 7 July 2006 to establish a new group: the European QP Association. With this association the ECA wants to provide QPs in Europe with a platform allowing them to exchange their experience, discuss the latest regulatory requirements, to identify and address difficulties and challenges and to support a harmonised European approach.

Today the European QP Association is led by six representatives from the industry and from authorities: Richard Bonner (Chairman), UK, Dr Susanne Ding, Germany, Dr Ulrich Kissel, Germany, and Tor Gråberg, Sweden, as well as from Dr Rainer Gnibl from the German District Government of Upper Franconia and from Mag.pharm. Andreas Kraßnigg from the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, Austria.

From the industry


From the authorities' side


Richard Bonner
Qualified Person, UK



Dr Rainer Gnibl
District Government of Upper Franconia, Germany


Dr Susanne Ding
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma, Germany
Qualified Person


Mag.pharm. Andreas Kraßnigg
AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety),


Dr Ulrich Kissel
Roche Pharma AG, Germany
Qualified Person




Tor Gråberg
AstraZeneca, Sweden




Dr Bernd Renger
Qualified Person, Germany
Immediate Past Chair


Part of the organisation's activities is the organising annual forums as a platform to discuss current developments and challenges.

The inaugural QP Forum was held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 30 November to 1 December 2006. More than 150 delegates from 26 countries attended to be part of this first meeting of European Qualified Persons. The goal of the first meeting was to establish a platform for sharing experience and discussing the critical areas of the QP's daily work as well as roles and responsibilities of the QP with representatives from EMEA and national authorities. You will find more information about the Forums held so far in the News/Publications Section.